Thursday, January 18, 2007

100 Things About Me

I was reading another blog and saw that someone had posted 100 things about them. It appears to be a popular thing to do so here is my list:

1. Counseling is one of my spiritual gifts.
2. I am acrophobic.
3. I do not like the texture of shredded coconut.
4. I am afraid of balloons popping.
5. I keep my cell phone on vibrate. I don't like to hear it ring.
6. I am a vegetarian (Well not really. I eat fish occasionally).
7. Negative People annoy me.
8. I believe the glass is half full.
9. I played the bass drum in marching band.
10. I was first chair clarinet in 7th and 8th grade.
11. I never praticed.
12. I love to read.
13. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
14. I have extremely high standards for friendship; lowering them is not optional .
15. I believe that children behave as expected.
16. My hair falls out when I'm stressed.
17. I love socks.
18. I like purple and blue ink.
19. I don't like to write with pens that come with a cap if the cap is not attached.
20. I look nice in pink.
21. I have always wanted to be a cashier and scan groceries.
22. Now I just use the self checkout.
23. I am an introvert who is normally mistaken as an extrovert.
24. Strangers come up and talk to me like they have known me for years.
25. People smile at me even when I know I am not smiling at them.
26. My Mother is the nicest person I know.
27. I have worn glasses since 6th grade.
28. I learned to ride my bike when I was 9.
29. Tulips are my favorite flower.
30. My Mom's sister married my Dad's brother. They both had twins.
31. I got an epidural when my daughter was born. It didn't work.
32. I want to have the character of Jesus.
33. I collect elephants.
34. I wear a size 5 1/2 shoe.
35. I sent my first e-mail in 1992.
36. I designed a personal web page in 1994.
37. I memorized the introduction to Romeo and Juliet in the 9th grade. I still remember it.
38. I love potatoes .
39. Dairy is one of my asthma triggers. I am trying to eliminate it from my diet.
40. I love being a woman.
41. I could live without a t.v.
42. I am a visual learner.
43. I love the smell of popcorn.
44. I don't like coffee, but like the aroma.
45. I love bananas, but I don't like banana flavored stuff.
46. I enjoy quality time.
47. I was on the pom-pom squad in the 9th grade.
48. I'm not really sure why they picked me.
49. I don't dance well .
50. I would teach kids math everyday for free.
51. I homeschool my kids.
52. I hate confrontaion.
53. I love candles.
54. I love puzzles.
55. I love to play board games.
56. In the 4th grade I was the interjection in my class play and had to sing a solo.
57. My first car was a Chevrolet Monza.
58. I am most productive in the early morning.
59. I don't have a favorite color.
60. I don't care for black.
61. I like my hair long.
62. I prefer cream vs. lotion.
63. I don't like to wear makeup.
64. I like to bake.
65. Eating sugar gives me a headache.
66. I can't draw worth a lick.
67. I study people and their behavior.
68. Boggle is one of my favorite word games.
69. I love Math books.
70. I like kitchen gadgets.
71. I like to solve difficult math problems.
72. I like expensive towels.
73. I love to buy gifts for people.
74. I take being a Godmother seriously.
75. I believe that all children should be taught the fundamentals of Christianity.
76. I do not watch the local news.
77. I don't like rap music.
78. I like to watch game shows.
79. I wouldn't mind having a personal Vegan Chef.
80. I like to bowl.
81. All of my close friends are extremely intelligent.
82. I like quilts.
83. I applied to college as a Pharmacy major.
84. My chemistry teacher told me to change to Chemical Engineering.
85. I would like to get a Master's in Math and Science Education.
86. I don't wear flip flops because I can't stand having things between my toes.
87. I like pillows.
88. I sleep with cover no matter how hot it is.
89. I don't like to drink out of plastic, paper, or aluminum.
90. I worked as a waitress.
91. I leave a tip even if the service is horrible.
92. I like to put things together.
93. I like to collect journals, notebooks, books, etc...
94. I like bubble baths.
95. I make my own salad dressing.
96. I keep a scientific calculator in my purse.
97. I like to garden.
98. I like scarves.
99. I like different types of bags.
100. I am not impressed by people's educational background. Character is what impresses me.


  1. I love your list! Thanks for posting. I noticed several similarities-- even though I didn't post them on my list.

  2. Wow! My mom's two brothers married sisters, your list reminded me of that. What an interesting list, we have several similarities.

    Oh yeah, I'm off to to the book meme that you tagged me about.

  3. Thanks Nikki. I enjoyed yours as well. :)

    Ann, you should do one too. I would love to read it. And thanks for accepting the "tag". :)

  4. Cool list, Gonna do one of these sometime soon.

  5. I loved your list too! I have several things in commen with you-14,15,24,38,40,52,58,62 and so many more both after #62 and inbetween all the others I'll stop!
    So nice to meet you!

  6. Boggle is also a favorite of mine. Hubby always beats me, so I stopped playing for a while. I'm getting my revenge in Words w/Friends. I also love the aroma of coffee, but not the taste, which is why IF I buy coffee from a coffee shop (not Starbucks bc it makes me physically ill) it has to be loaded w/sugar & caramel. And I think teaching is in my blood. It's the one career that no matter what I keep coming back to (whether I get paid for it or not! LOL)

  7. Hi Yolanda:

    Thanks for sharing with the blogosphere community. I enjoyed reading your list and look forward to reading more of your blog posts.:)

    Brenda J.


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