Friday, February 23, 2007

Baby Shower Game Ideas

I am helping with a baby shower for a friend of mine from church. Does anyone have a game that they really enjoy playing at a baby shower? I'm looking for some great ideas. My favorite game is the one where you put tiny safety pins in a bowl with rice. The game player has to separate the pins from the rice. Oh my goodness, you would think that would be easy right?? Well it's not! I forgot to mention that the player is blindfolded. :-)

Post your favorite games and I'll let you know how the shower goes.


  1. I posted a link about your need for baby shower game ideas at 'Marcus and Me' blog.
    I'll also put it on my other 3 blogs this week.
    I hope that you receive some great ideas.

  2. Use streamers and let the guests take pieces off of the roll to guess the size of moms belly. Once everyone picks their streamers, let them measure. Whoever is closest wins.

    We also did a wives tales game. Print out about 10 tales, some true and others false and whoever gets the most correct wins.

    Poop in the diaper. Use small white fabric to make diapers. The host puts poop in one diaper and they are handed out when the guests arrive. Whoever has the poop at the end of the shower wins.

    And then the classic, pink and blue clothes pins. Everyone gets one when they come in and through out the shower they can't say baby. If someone catches them saying baby, they take their clothes pin. Whoever has the most pins at the end wins.

  3. Buy about 7 different brands of chocolate candy bars and a small pack of diapers. For the game you will need to number the outside of the diapers, put a candy bar inside and microwave it for about 20 seconds, or until melted, have everyone pass each diaper around and try to guess the candy bar!

    The Baby food game... remove the labels from several baby foods, number the jars, pass the jar around and have everyone spoon a small amout on a plate after everyone gets a bit of each, they must taste them and try to identify them.

    For a few dollars you can find a large empty plastic baby bottle, fill it with the mommy to be's favorite small candy. Count as you fill it. Have everyone take a guess as to how many are in it. The one who's closest wins!

    Hope those help!!!

  4. Thanks Rona. I'll be sure to visit your blog.

    Captains Wife, I love the game where you guess the size of the belly. What are some examples of the wives' tales?

    Fiesty Mom,

    I love the game with the jars of baby food. It's interesting to see how many will actually taste the food. :-)


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