Sunday, April 8, 2007

Eight Qualities of a Wealthy Woman

I passed by the television this evening and saw Suze Orman on PBS. She was making a presentation to an audience of woman and one of things she talked about (I didn't see the whole thing) was eight Qualities of a Wealthy Woman.

It is not my desire to be wealthy in terms of money, but I do want to be wealthy in terms of my self worth. I believe that this is essential to a healthy life.

Here are the 8 Qualities of a Wealthy Woman according to Suze Orman:

1. Harmony
2. Balance
3. Courage
4. Generosity
5. Happiness
6. Cleanliness
7. Beauty

Harmony has to do with your thoughts, words and actions all lining up together and Balance has to do with being confident about the things that you feel.

One other thing that she talked about that stuck out to me is "You cannot preach to others in words. You must preach in truths" In other words, practice what you preach or don't preach it.

I pray that you may prosper and be in good health!

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