Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday

I created an evening routine for myself based on the advise of Flylady. One thing that works well for me is to add plugging up my cell phone every night before I go to bed. That way, by the morning I have a full charge and I am ready to go when I leave the house.

It works for me! For more tips that work, visit Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. One thing - you have to check what type of battery your cell phone has - if it has a memory, then charging it every night is not a good thing.

    A battery with a memory will only hold a charge as long as the last charge. For instance - if the battery was half full and you charge it up - then even when it is completely empty when you charge it up the next time, it will only charge to half full. Make sense?

    Now if you are in the habit of charging it each night, it doesn't really matter unless there is a time that you forget or can't do it.

    Just best ot check the manual first.

  2. Good tip. Mine will always die when I need it most. One way I solved the problem is to have chargers in both my vehicles so I can always plug it in if I need.

  3. Kudos. I should plan an evening chore list. It makes a nice end to the evening.

  4. Hey Kim,

    Of all the cell phone that I have had (I've had at least 5), I have never had one that has a battery with memory. My batteries always charge up to a full charge no matter what the charge was when I charged it before.

    But I will be sure to check for that in the future! :-)


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