Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bible Bowl Update

Our Federation (local churches) Bible Bowl competition was held this weekend at my church. We had a wonderful time. All of the teams from my church (Junior Youth, Senior Youth, Young Adult and Adult) won and will advance to the next round to be held at Campmeeting in June. My team won by default, because no one in our division showed up.

All of the teams, including the teams from the other churches did well. It is always amazing to me to watch young children so clearly recall information from the material that they have read.
Here are some pictures of the front and back of the medal. If you zoom in, you will see an oil lamp on top of a Bible.
Each participant of the competition received a medal to wear during the games. The children were surprised when we passed them out before the games began. "Did we win already", some of them asked. "Yes", I replied. If you have opened God's Word and read it, you have won already. :-)

If you do not already have a time set aside in which you and your family read the Word of God, I strongly encourage you to do so. You will not be dissapointed.


  1. I'm sure your reply about being winners left a great impression on their minds.

  2. What a wonderful event!

    I also wanted to say thank you for the recipe! It sounds delicious =) I want to have a lot of resources/recipes before I start.


  3. Ann, I certainly hope so. Young minds are so impressionable.

    Jenn, you're welcome. Please let me know how you like it. Veganism is a lifestyle in itself. I think that you will be pleased with how much better you feel.


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