Friday, May 4, 2007

Our Sabbath Traditions

Recently I joined a Yahoo! group that is designed to help to get our home ready for Sabbath. Several of the Moms on the group decided to share their Sabbath traditions and so I thought that I would post some of ours. Our traditions are still a work in progress.

As the sun is beginning to set, each family member gathers on the couch and from youngest to oldest we each pick a song to sing for worship. After our songs we tell what happened to us during the week that we are thankful and we quote a Bible verse from memory. We then pray. After the prayer we sometimes play a Bible game such as charades.

I am looking into having a special meal as a part of our Friday night tradition; something we eat all the time. We are thinking of homemade pizza that we make using the bread machine. I'm also going to buy some nice glasses for our drink and bowl for our salad.

What are your Sabbath or Sunday Traditions? If you don't have any yet, please list what you would like to implement.

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