Sunday, June 3, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Here is our menu for the week. I am trying to get into the habit of making a different type of bean each week. This week I bought the ingredients to make Pigeon Peas. I will have to figure out how to incorporate that into my weekly menu.

1. Basil and Tomato Pasta Dish

2. Pig in the Blankets

3. Veggie Chicken Stir Fry

4. Tacos

5. Pizza

6. Spaghetti

For more menu ideas, visit The Organized Junkie!


  1. At our house, we eat rice and gungu(pigeon peas). It's a Jamaican staple side dish. I can't cook it like my mother-in-law does, but I put one can of coconut milk in the rice cooker, add rice and the can of peas with their liquid. Then water and cook. That's the lazy way. You can do the same thing in a pot, but I'm terrible about burning rice in a regular pot.

  2. Hey Ann, thanks for the recipe. I'll have to try that. I make mine with onions, garlic, green and red bell pepper. I got this recipe from a friend from Trinidad.

  3. Nice menu. we try to do a few meatless meals each week, and that usually results in meals w/ beans. They're so healthy! Last week we tried Veggie Sloppy Joe's using red kidney was interesting. Not too bad!

    Have a good week.

  4. wow, how interesting about the beans! We should be eating more beans in our home. Great meal plan!

  5. Sharon,

    Before I became a vegetarian, I never even knew there were so varieties of beans! Thanks for sharing the sloppy joe idea. I guess it's kind of like chili with beans. :-)

    Beans are an excellent source of protein and there are so many options that you are sure to find one that you like. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Yolanda, we have been eating alot more beans as well, dried beans are *so* very inexpensive and can create a wide variety of dishes!

    One of my favorites is black bean spaghetti, very tasty! I have also gotten good at making refrieds from dried beans, I make burritos and freeze them for quick future meals...

    THanks for stopping by my blog! Now that I know where you are at I will be adding you to mine :o)



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