Friday, June 15, 2007

Swimming Update

Today was the last day of our first session of swimming. Jasmine improved dramatically. She is not up to where the class suggests she should be, but her improvements were outstanding nonetheless. At the beginning of the class, she would barely get into the water. By the end of the class, she would go out with her instructor ( a new on for the second week), and I got some video of her finally submerging her head. Whoohoo!

I promised Jasmine a book for being able to go under water to her eyes and then another for being able to go all the way under with her head fully submerged. So today we will go to Half Price Books so she can make her selections.

Christopher did a great job as well. He is not afraid to go out on his back with his instructor. There was only one other little boy in his class which made it nice and intimate.

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