Monday, July 23, 2007

Learning About Chores

God has really been impressing my heart with teaching my children diligence through chores. So through the suggestion of Shereen, I ordered a book entitled Managers of Their Chores by Steven and Teri Maxwell.

I encourage every parent who does not have a chore system in place to order this book. I honestly was expecting a book that just went through how to schedule chores and hints on how to get them done. This book is so much more than that. It tackles the spiritual aspect of chores and how training our children to do chores helps to equip them for life.

I am pleased so far with what I have read and will keep you updated on our chore system and the progress that I see in my children.


  1. I am working with my children on wanting to do a good job with chores the first time. What a challenge!

  2. Yes, it is a challenge, but so worth it! :-)


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