Sunday, July 8, 2007

Poor Little Fellow

Friday, as we were loading the van for the drive back, I noticed a little creature under the gate that leads to my Mom's backyard; it was an opossum. I could not believe it. I got close enough to see if he was alive. I don't know how long he had been there, but he wasn't there when we went to bed on Thursday night.

My husband says that he heard the fence rattling, but he just assumed it was the wind. Well, it wasn't the wind after all. It was the poor little opossum. I guess he was trying to wiggle his way out.

I called animal control to come and get him so my Mom wouldn't have to worry about it. I called my girlfriend to tell her what happened and she said that I should have fussed at him because he is smart enough to know that he is on private property and he should have gone the other way. Sheer Hilarity!

At any rate, he was gone when my Mom got home. I'm assuming the animal control people came and picked him up. I guess I'm the only one that feels sorry for the little fellow

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