Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Scripture Memorization Box

I was reading a post on Shereen's blog about scripture memorization. We use the same box from the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memorization method. We started the box a while ago and then kind of fell off the wagon and have recently started it up again. I amazed at how excited the kids are to use it and how well they remember the scriptures.

We use a 3x5 card box that I ordered from Office Depot. The instructions for how to compile the box can be found here.

Today we are working on:

Daily: Psalm 19:14

Even: John 3:16

Tuesday: No scripture here yet

4th: No scripture here yet.

As we continue to add scriptures, there we be at least one scripture behind each day and we will learn/review 4 scriptures everyday. This is one of the best methods that I have seen so far for learning scripture because it incorporates review everyday.

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