Sunday, January 27, 2008

Friday night Sabbath Dinner/Stolen Computer

Friday night we had Sabbath dinner at a friend's house. I had an idea of exchanging ideas with other families of how to bring in the Sabbath. I love to see the traditions of others and am always looking for new ideas for the kids. At any rate, we had dinner a month or so ago at my house to share our traditions and now it was time to see the traditions of this family.

It was time to sit down to an authentic Japanese meal (Miso Soup, Egg rolls and some kind of quiche like pancake) when I decided to check my phone. There were three missed calls and a message. Everyone who knows me knows it's Friday night and I'm having worship with my family so the 3 calls was not a good sign. The missed calls were from one of my brothers and my Mother. OK, this is NOT getting any better. I listened to my message and it was my Mother saying to call her as soon as I get this message. OK now I'm afraid to call!

Knowing that I would not make it through dinner not knowing what has happened, I go ahead and call. My Mother's computer has been stolen. Someone broke into the house, went straight to her locked bedroom, jimmied the door and stole the computer. They even took time to place the computer in the laptop bag which contained the portable hard drive and a few cherished DVD's.

My Mother called the police and filed a report and just maybe the person will pawn the computer and we'll be able to get the computer back. To bad they didn't just smash it and leave it. At least then it would be covered by the warranty. Crazy, huh?


  1. Hello stranger!
    I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in and theft.

  2. Hey Rona,Long time No see! Isn't it terrible? Praise God she wasn't home and wasn't hurt. Thanks for stopping by.


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