Thursday, January 24, 2008

My New Chair Came Today

The house decorating continues as my new chair and ottoman arrived today. Now that I have the chair, I can buy coordinating pillows, rugs, curtains etc.

For a long time I thought I knew exactly where I wanted the chair to go but then a few hours before it arrived, I chose a new spot. Of course once I buy the rug I may change it again! So Ladies (and gents) I need your help.

Right now I have the chair at an angle to the couch as shown below. When I put it up against the wall it just didn't look that nice. I'm thinking of adding a lamp on the side and maybe a small table.

I put the bench over by the window just to see what it would like like. I kind of like it over there. Especially once the curtains go up.

Here is a coming in the front door/garage view.
I kind of like having it in front of the couch as well as an ottoman or coffe table.

So tell me what you think! What colors for pillows, rugs, curtains. Where to put the chair,etc...


  1. What a terrific couch, chair and ottoman. It makes me just want to jump right in and relax.
    Very good choice.

  2. I am so pleased with both of them. They are so comfortable! When I thought of what to do in the living room, I thought of comfortable furniture and these items definitely pass the test. :-)


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