Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Citation-Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility

Monday, I was on my way to Whole Foods and a police car made a u turn in the street and started tailing me. I wasn't sure what the speed limit was, but I was pretty sure that I wasn't speeding. I pulled over into the nearest gas station and waited for the officer to approach the car.

He pulled me over because I do not have a license plate on the front of my car. In Texas it's a requirement to have one on the front and back. Since I bought my car in Georgia, and in Georgia you only have to have one plate, my car did not come equipped to put a plate on the front. I asked at the dealership, but they basically told me I was out of luck. Perhaps I could try a body shop.

The officer issued a warning. He asked to see my driver's license and my insurance. Of course the insurance card that I had was expired and so I was issued a citation for "failure to maintain financial responsibility". Doesn't that sound horrible?

The good news is that if I send in a copy of my current insurance before May 30th, I do not have to pay a fee.

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  1. I didn't know that you are required to have front and back plates in Texas. Isn't that strange. Well, I'm glad that you didn't get a ticket but that warning's wording did sound strange. Sounds like someone giving a ticket to someone for poor debt management. Ha!


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