Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Study-Is Music Really Amoral

All of pastors of the mega churches today tend to agree with the fact that music is amoral, suggesting that in itself music contains no good or bad qualities. They go on further to suggest that it only the lyrics of a song that make it acceptable or not to God.

Come let us reason together and examine this theory. In I Samuel chapter 16 King Saul has an evil spirit upon him (vs 14). His servant suggests that he get a harp player to make him feel better (vs 16). Another servant suggests David who is a cunning player...and the Lord is with him. The scripture goes on to say in verse 23 that David played the harp with his hand and the evil spirit departed from Saul.

Notice here that there is no mention of any words being sung, the scripture refers solely to David's playing of the harp suggesting that the very music itself was powerful enough to drive out the evil spirit. Would it not stand to reason that if music could drive spirits out, that it could invite them as well?

I believe that I Samuel chapter 16 proves without a doubt that music is NOT amoral and that an anointed servant of God can play music that causes demons to flee.

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