Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pet Sitting

This weekend we pet sat for some friends that went out of town. So far I haven't allowed my children to get a pet, because pets are a lot of responsibility and Mom has enough responsibility! The rule is that if they can do their chores for 3 months without being reminded, then they can get a dog. The honest truth is, if they did it for 30 days I would get one, but I'm not adding a dog to the mix when the answer to "Why didn't you clean your room" is "Well, I didn't really feel like it". Over here I teach that God made us all beings of free will. You don't ever have to do what I tell you, but for every action, there is a reaction. I believe that it's important for children to know that they ALWAYS have a choice, and that EVERY choice has a consequence. Can I get an Amen?

Ok well enough of that, I'm preaching and we're supposed to be talking about the dog. Forgive my stream of consciousness. :)

At any rate, Noah was just what we needed to show the kids that they really are not ready for a dog. The first day he was here, he left a "package" in my daughter's room that I made her clean up and the second day he left two (in spite of the fact that I took him outside several times). He has these little mat things that are for pet training which he did use a few times. I guess he is still learning. After the 3rd "package", my daughter said, "Mom you were right, keeping Noah is hard work!" which I responded to "Yes, I know honey and he's only been here a little over a day!" LOL

He slept in my bathroom (where "package pickup" is not a big deal since the floor is tile). Friday night he went right to sleep. I guess he was tired from all the running outside in the backyard. Saturday night was altogether a different story. I don't think he was too happy that we had been gone to church for several hours and evidently he wanted to play all night to make up for it. When I put him in the bathroom to go to sleep, he whined and whined. I have no idea what time he went to sleep. I just remember hearing him whining again at around 6am at which time I got up and took him outside.

So I guess whenever we are ready for a little canine company, we can just go and pick Noah up for the weekend. I'm so glad we can take him back home. ;-)


  1. You can get an AMEN from this corner! Mine have been asking for another dog and cat (!) But not when we get complaints about caring for the ones we already have.

  2. Ann, I know right? How funny.


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