Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going Natural Hair Update

Today marks 10 weeks since I've had a relaxer. It's going better than I expected it would. I went yesterday to have my hair washed, conditioned and trimmed. I told my hair stylist that I didn't want to do the "big chop" but that I wanted to just continue to cut until all my perm was gone. He said I had about an inch and a half of new growth, and he probably cut that much of my relaxed hair off. It's been a long time since my hair was this short (I'll update my profile picture soon), but I'm enjoying being on my way to being relaxer free. Oh the simple pleasures in life. :-)


  1. How funny...
    I just saw on your profile that you've been maried 13 years! Get out! You look soooooooooooooooooooooo young!
    Nice to meetcha!

  2. Yolanda,
    I commend you girl. Its healthier and our hair will thank us and why not, it's who we are. I’ve been trying to do the same. But its so hard to know what to do with it, especially since I work in the garden, exercise, and I swim often. I have to wash it when I sweat so I texturize a few times a year to keep in “naturally curly” but still manageable. I know that's a cop-out and I'm a wimp. UGH! Keep us updated.

  3. Hey Christina, yes I know I look young. I still get a look every now and then from the high school kids. :-) I turned 35 in March, so I guess you could say I am still young but definitely not as young as some may think.

    Tracey, Isn't it so much healthier? It hasn't been the easiest, but the truth is that my hair seems healthier than it has been. I think I may have been overprocessing it. I haven't been swimming yet this year, but I'll let you know how it goes. :-)


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