Thursday, August 28, 2008

HomeSchool Agenda for 08-09

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I have set our official date for school as September 15th. My daughter's birthday is September 2nd and so that gives us a whole week to enjoy the Labor Day holiday and her birthday and then another week for me to plan for school and recuperate.

This year we will be using:

Adventist Sonlight Curriculum-This curriculum uses the color coding of the Rainbow to cover all subjects








The Curriculum is Bible based and so we cover Bible everyday along with two other subjects. The lessons are made for the family and so everyone learns together.

Math U SEE-We use this as a supplement to our main curriculum. I like the math in our main curriculum because it teaches math from a Biblical perspective. I also love Math U See

Italics Handwriting- I absolutely love this handwriting program. I love the fact that the print and cursive are very closely related and follow the natural flow of the hand.

Charlotte Mason- I will be using Charlotte Mason's method's of habit training as found in Laying Down The Rails-A Charlotte Mason Habits Handbook. We also use Charlotte Mason's Scripture Memory System


  1. We participate in the Outdoor Hour challenges, too. They have really made our schooling so much more fun this year! Good luck with all on your agenda. :)

  2. Eclectic Education, Thanks! I hope you have a great year as well.

    Julie, Aren't the Outdoor Hour Challenges the best? They have made our outdoor time so much more interesting.

    Simply a Mommy, I think it will be a great year. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We hope to incorporate the Outdoor Hour by the end of October. It looks like so much fun! I love Simply Charlotte Mason...I have quite a few of their books. I pray you have a blessed year!

  4. We are Sonlighters as well. I was not familiar with their Adventist Curriculum. Thanks!! Have a wonderful year. Your blog is very fun.

  5. Just had to stop by when I saw your name. :)

    Have a great year homeschooling.


  6. sounds like a wonderful year ahead! I ordered Laying Down the Rails earlier this summer and am finding it to be a book that is ever close by. Wonderful resource!

  7. Sonlight and Charlotte Mason sound like a recipe for a good year!


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