Friday, September 12, 2008

Gardening Update-A Path to Follow

Update 9/14/08 to add images

Here is a nice photo of our zucchini plant:

This is one of it's flowers:
And here is one of the zucchini on it:I still don't know what this plant is:
But it has flowers on it so I am expecting to see something budding from it soon. :-) I must remember to label next time!
As I have been focused on getting my thoughts together for the new school year, I haven't given much attention to our small garden outside. A part of my daughter's morning routine is to water the garden and plants outside. She has done a wonderful job with this and as a result the plants are thriving nicely. It' time that I started mapping out our fall garden and get things going as it will be fall very soon!!

As I sat here thinking of the garden and all the lessons to be learned from it, my mind went back to the bean plants. When I first planted to bean plants, the thought never occurred to me to stake poles close by for them to have something to attach themselves to. The plants sprouted, and then they developed these little "arms" which my daughter and I were both fascinated by. We couldn't seem to figure out what they were for. As the arms grew longer, they started to attach themselves to the arms of the other bean plants. They intertwined and became tangled and created a huge mess!

I separated them, trying my best not to damage them. I came back the next day or so only to find that they were entangled again. It was then that it occurred to me that they were tangling themselves together because no specified path had been laid out for them. Instead of growing upward, they were growing outward. When I finally provided poles for each of them, they stopped growing outward, grew upward instead, produced flowers and bore fruit!

What a powerful spiritual lesson in these bean plants. We as Christians can be sprouting and growing, but if we do not have a specified path that we are following, a path that leads upward, we will become entangled amongst ourselves.

Are you wrapped up and tangled up in others? Or is the path you are taking leading upwards?


  1. Photos! We need photos. :) I recently put up photos of our end-of-the-summer garden. I think we will have color through the first snow. I'm in Iowa, so that could be in a month! eek!

  2. I really had intended to upload photos when I posted. When I went outside to take the photos, there was no SD card in my camera! I found it in the bottom of my purse so I took some pictures this morning and adding them.

    Snow in a! You better get busy!


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