Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My New Yarn Baller

For the first crochet class I held, I made yarn balls to save on cost. Since we are making baby hats and baby hats don't use that much yarn. I figured it would make since to divide each skein in half. I could really get by with dividing it into thirds, but trying to do that by hand can get a little tricky. For the first class I started making the yarn balls by hand. I used this center-pull method that I found online. It worked, but it took forever and I was discouraged by the fact that I needed to make 30 balls. I enlisted the help of a few trusty friends to get them done. I wasn't satisfied with doing it that way, so I purchased a handy yarn baller for the next class.

I love brilliant minds and the mind of the person who came up with this is just genius. It's not a fancy contraption, but it sure does work well.

You start with just an ordinary skein of yarnthread it through the yarn baller

give it a few whirls

and Voila! A lovely yarn ball.

I bought mine online at Joann Fabric. I couldn't find them in any stores.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. Very neat. I enjoy seeing the tools of the trade of various crafts.


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