Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Census Jobs 2010

I worked for the Census in 2000 when I lived in Atlanta. It was a great job and paid well. I think I made about $17/hr to be a crew leader which involved managing enumerators (the people that go door to door collecting information from those who did not return their census).

A couple of weeks ago I was looking up some statistical data and ran across the Census page which says that they are now hiring for the 2010 Census. So if you are interested, go to their website and click on jobs to find work in your area. There is a practice test on there as well.

They offer positions that are very flexible and can be done with children. I took my kids with me yesterday when I went to take the test that qualifies you for all the jobs. I'm not even sure if I will take any jobs, but it's nice to get the test out of the way just in case. :)


  1. That's sounds very interesting. I'll look into it further.

  2. I just stopped by the website. It might be something I'm interested in doing.


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