Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mulch for the Compost

The month of January is almost over and until today I still had a Christmas tree in my living room. There was absolutey nothing on it, but it had not yet been discarded.

My City disposal system offers to mulch your tree and I figured since we are going to be working on our compost this year, this would be a nice way to start it off. So off I went to the place. I get there, and after seeing my tree, the guy points to a huge bin with lots of other Christmas trees. Certainly he didn't think I drove it all the way there just to leave it??

I get out of the car and speak with the lady who is from the looks of it blowing leaves or dust or whatever from the ramp that leads to the trailer.

Now before I go any further, please understand that when I read the flyer that explained this service, I pictured in my mind that I would drive up, some man would take the tree out of my trunk and put it into some heavy duty shredder, my big contractor bag would be sitting under the chute and Voila, mulch. Not so, not even close.

After another guy takes my Christmas tree and throws it on the pile with the other trees, I follow the lady around to the back to a pile of what you see in the picture above. She looks at me and asks "Do you have a shovel"? OK, this is getting stranger by the minute.

At any rate, she went to get a shovel for me and then shoveled while I held the bag. I guess the end result is the same-mulch for the compost!

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  1. That's cool, free mulch! Around here, most trees are put in the bottom of local lakes to provide habitats for fish. I like the mulch idea better!


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