Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google Reader

Technology is forever changing. It seems that just as soon as you get used to one thing, something new and better takes over.

I was so thrilled when Blogger came up with the feature to be able to follow some one's blog. I can't count how many times I have come across a wonderful blog, only to never be able to find it again because I wasn't even sure how I wound up there in the first place. So I added all of my favorite reads to my blog manager. Well, the only problem with that is that I only saw the updates when I logged into my blog, which lately hasn't been very often. I also found that several people are following my blog that way too. Why didn't you guys tell me about it! :)

With sites like Facebook and twitter, my blog has been severely neglected. At any rate, I was looking at a twitter post of woman who raved about Google Reader and now I'm wondering how I didn't know about this sooner!

All my favorite blogs in one place and who knows what else I will learn about it. If you haven't checked out Google Reader, what are you waiting for?! :)


  1. I love the Follow Me feature that eBlogger offers. It does make it easier to stay in touch.

  2. Facebook has caused my blog to get a bit neglected too. I did set things up so my blog posts show up in my facebook notes. Pretty cool. I'm a major google reader fan.


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