Wednesday, March 11, 2009

E-mail Quandary

I was checking one of my many e-mail accounts this morning and noticed that I have over 600 messages in my inbox. This is what I would consider one of my personal accounts ( I have accounts set up just for junkmail). Once upon a time I would never have more than about 50 messages in my account at once. I took time daily to read through them and purge, filing those that I might need later in a separate folder.

Then came gmail-the e-mail that doesn't have folders and suggest with all the storage space available there is never a need to delete an e-mail!

Now this particular account in question is not gmail account and having 600 messages in it is driving me insane. What's driving me more insane is taking the time to go through and delete the irrelevant messages.

How do you handle your e-mail? Do you have a million messages or do you keep them at a minimum?

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  1. I usually have about 50+ emails. I try to go through the inbox throughout the day. But I don't get too upset if I let it go.


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