Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That Still Small Voice

Today is the last meeting of my son's Adventurer Club is today. The director likes to give goodie bags to each kid as a part of their End of the Year party. She asks that each parent donate items to the bag(about$1for each item) and let each of us know how many items to purchase.

I had planned to go to Walmart to pick up a few items and so I figured I would just look in the toy isle to see what little trinkets I could find. As I was driving to Walmart, I felt an impression to go to Walgreens. This was a little odd because I don't generally shop there. There is a new one in town and I could take the route to Walmart that takes me right past it.

I go into Walgreens head to the toy isle and I see the cutest little stuffed animals for $0.99. And just when I thought that was enough, there were exactly 17 different ones-the exact number I needed for the party!

I praise God that He is faithful to me even in the seemingly insignificant matters of life!


  1. How wonderful of you to have listened to that little voice!
    I soooo wish we had an Adventure club. I know, I know...I should start one myself:)

  2. Don't you just love when that sort of stuff happens?!

  3. Ann, I was so happy!

    Becca, :) Have you talked to any of the other Moms to see if they would be interested?

    Yes, it strengthens my faith and my relationship with Him.

  4. Now that is inspiration!


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