Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Tragedy

At first I was numb, not having any feeling. Not even sure how to process it all. And then my heart began to ache for the many people that have lost their lives and for those who didn't lose their lives, but lost everything they know.

Just think of it. You are going about your day, doing your normal routines and in a moment the world as you know it changes.

I am really beyond words, but I certainly do want to express my heart-felt condolences to the people of Haiti and to those who have loved ones in that region of the world.

I am donating money to the Red Cross and checking to see if there is a way that I can help in my local area. I would imagine that as people start to send in donations such as clothes and toiletries, much help will be needed to sort and arrange, pack and ship.

If you have never helped before, now is the time.

Crisis such as these make me long as never before for the return of Christ. Come Lord Jesus come and prepare your people that we may be ready to meet you.


  1. thank you for the prayers, very much appreciated. We too are looking for ways to volunteer & help...such a tragedy.

  2. It is hard to process. Especially the children. Like you said, Lord please come quickly!


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