Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Natural Hair Journey

From a very young age, I got my hair hot combed (straightened). As early as 6 I was getting the "Just For Me" perms from the box and for a long time I didn't know what my hair really looked like.

When I started making better choices in my eating and become overall more health conscious, I couldn't help but being bothered by putting harsh chemicals on my hair. I felt like I should stop getting perms, but what in the world was I supposed to do with my hair?!

Since natural hair is so different from chemically treated hair, there is really no way to answer that question before chopping all of the the relaxed hair off. Well I had seem women with really cute short natural styles, but I didn't know what my hair looked like underneath and I wasn't confident enough to rock it if it wasn't extra cute!

My last perm was April 24th of 2008 and after that I flat ironed my hair. I asked my hairstylist to trim my permed hair as my roots grew out. So for every inch of new growth I got, I cut an inched of permed hair . A year later my relaxer was almost completely gone and I did the "Big Chop" (which wasn't so big after all because I was cutting all along).

I have not looked back. I love my hair! I received a lot of negative comments "I like your hair straight" "Why in the world would you do that to your hair. It's so beautiful when you perm it" and my Aunt just flat out told me "I do NOT like your hair like that and you need to get a perm or do something!" Now I'm the kind of person that would have buckled under the pressure. The thing that kept me is that my mind was already made up and I knew exactly why I was doing what I was doing.

I must embrace me and that includes my hair. My hair is the healthiest that is has ever been and I get far more compliments than I do negative comments.

So if you are thinking of going natural, first know why and stay committed. Do research and find products that work for your hair. ALL natural hair is different. Even on my head I have at least 3 different types of hair. Know that God made you beautiful!


  1. Natural, and easy. That is my style too. (Only mine is short and straight) You look beautiful to me! Your countenance expresses Jesus is shining through...that is more important than anything to the hair. You go girl!...By the way your hair looks fine to me.

  2. So beautiful!

    I've been natural my whole life - less approx. 4 months in '96 - but I never quite embraced my hair. It was when I started simplifying my vegetarian diet sometime last year to reduce our use of pre-packaged foods that I got very concerned about the ingredient lists on the various hair products I used (attempting to get my hair to lie down and behave 'unnaturally').

    I started doing research on natural hair care, and the rest - as they say - is history. I love my hair and it's growing like crazy now. (I've had the same length hair all my life, so that's exciting for me)

    But you! You look so young and beautiful!

    Blessings to you, my sister.

  3. Your hair is healthy,and you love being natural, that's what counts the most! Looks wonderful!

  4. Yolanda,
    I remember Tyra doing a show on natural and "maintained" hair. It's amazing that people still have very strong issues with women who chose to not "maintain" their hair.
    I've never been one for the weaves and living on the west coast where they are the trend I definitely do stand out with short hair.
    But as you said it's your hair.
    You're a beautiful women inside and out.

  5. I love it! I know getting there (cutting and growing it out) probably took some patience but it was well worth it.

  6. I love your hair! I am currently in a transition to natural hair. I'm sporting braids to hide the big chop I gave myself. I will admit I was a little surprised by what was lurking under my relaxer when I took my braids down last month...Maybe when I get the braids out this time I'll be ready to experiment. You'll have to hip me to some good products to use.

  7. Glad to hear it=) My one dd has beautiful hair loose but we sport the braids most of the time. It is something convincing young ones the benefits of natural hair sometimes....


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