Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Order in Every Day Living

God has really been working with me on the subject of order. I have been working mostly on getting my house organized by establishing everyday routines. This has included keeping my kitchen clean at all times which was a major challenge until I made the decision to "close" the kitchen in between meal times.

This practice was easy to implement because we have set times for meals and even if we are not exactly on schedule, we do not generally eat between meals. I find that by doing this, my kids have a heartier appetite and eat much healthier than snacking on junk in between meal times.

So after we finish eating breakfast, we clear the table (our school desks), and wash all the breakfast dishes. Once the kitchen is clean, then "close" it and we transition into school with a clean kitchen!!

I cannot stress how much easier this one step has made my life. No more searching the dirty dishwasher to find a dish to use. I immediately wash the dishes and put them away or put them in the dishwasher to run it. So there is rarely a dirty dish in the house. What a change from before!

Now as I was reflecting on John 20:5-7, I noticed how after Christ rose, he actually took the time to fold up His grave clothes! How's that for diligence and orderliness?! At any rate, as I meditated on this passage, I thought of how when I leave a room, I also leave an impression based upon how I leave that room. Think of it. Have you ever passed by someone's desk at work and wondered if their house looks the same? It's really the same whether it's messy or clean. I pass by houses and I notice when they are immaculate or when they are not so immaculate. So I think of what Christ's house would look like and if He folded up His grave clothes before He left the tomb, how would a room look when He left out of it? Would it be messy, or would He leave it exactly the way He found it or better?

So this is the task before me, to clean as I go and to always represent Christ in everything that I do. Praise God that His Strength is made perfect in weakness. (II Cor 12:9)


  1. I've read this post twice now and gained two different blessings from doing so. God is working with our household on the issue of order as well.

  2. Thanks for posting this! Excellently written and potent.


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