Thursday, July 21, 2011

20th Year High School Class Reunion

June 8th made 20 years since I graduated high school. Boy how the time flies. It seems like just a few years ago that I was hanging out at Band practice or staying after school for pom-pom squad practice.

My 20th year reunion was July 15-17 and boy did we have a blast. Friday we had a Meet and Mingle at Seville. Saturday we met at the beach behind Flounders, and Saturday night we had a semi-formal dinner at the Pensacola Yacht Club.

I won Least Changed, again. My classmates went on and on about how I look exactly the same. Here are a couple of pictures from high school. :-)

Debutatante Ball-Dec '90

High School Baccalaureate

and here are a few pictures from the reunion to compare:

This picture is from my 10 year reunion. The banner is for "Least Changed".

And here is a picture from this year's semi-formal event. OK maybe I do look a lot like I did in high school. My secret-Eat healthy, Exercise, Trust and Obey God.


  1. I found this because i was looking for what to wear to my 20th high school reunion. I want to say I completely agree. People often tell me how young i look and I believe it's because when you live GOD's way it works! GOD Bless you! :)

  2. Thank you! I hope you find something lovely to wear to your reunion!


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