Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whispers From God

Lately I have really been enjoying my time with the Lord and not that I don't always enjoy my time with Him, but recently it has taken on an extra special meaning. When I first started having time with God in the mornings, I was at a loss. I knew I should have time, but what in the world was I supposed to be doing during that time?

Believe it or not, not knowing what to do has actually kept me from having my time. When I think about it, it's really silly. Let's suppose I have a really good friend that I love to hang out with. Do I always decide what we are going to do before we hang out? No, because I just enjoy being with that person and by spending time with that person, I get to know them better and grow closer to them.

This has been my relationship with God. I sit in the stillness and listen to Him speak. Sometimes He gives me scripture to meditate on. Sometimes I already know the scripture and can just meditate on it. Sometimes, I only know a portion and have to look it up. Sometimes I am just clueless and He has to guide me all the way.

Other times He impresses my mind with people to pray for-people I haven't heard from in years, or even people I have NO desire to talk to!

Sometimes He remind me that He is a God of order and tell me to go and clean my room. What I love about this is that even in keeping my room orderly, I am worshiping God. WOW, what a thought.

Today He whispered to me that I need to do better at meal planning. :-/ I hate meal planning. I have no idea why, but I do. But I am excited about it because I know God is going to help me. He has already given me ideas to help me out. How can I not love a God like that?

Perhaps you are struggling with your time with the Lord. You don't have to have the perfect Bible study plan or really any plan at all. Just carve out some time and He will take care of the rest!


  1. I love these thoughts. I love that God is speaking to you and that you're listening.

    I struggle with my Bible study time. I've been reading through Exodus but I'm not really sure of the application. I just keep making sure I spend time with God every morning, even if I don't know why I'm reading what I am. :)

    How is your menu planning going?

  2. I too used to struggle with my Bible study time. I just wasn't sure what I was supposed to be doing. Always look for Christ in the scriptures. Ask God to reveal himself to you through the word and you will be surprised how the same texts you have been reading your entire life will come to life.

    Menu planning is going well. I am planning for the month now so that takes a HUGE burden from me. I love it.


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