Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Spiritual Life While Raising Children

Shereen asked if some Moms would share their thoughts as to how to keep their spiritual life fresh while raising young children.

When raising little ones, it is very easy to get caught up and drown in the hustle and bustle of life. There is breastfeeding, homeschooling, carpooling, changing diapers, giving baths and of course all the church actitivies, etc...

What is a Mom to do to maintain her spiritual sanity?? I used to think that I needed to spend two hours every morning in personal devotion. Now don't get me wrong, if you have two hours of interrupted time in the morning then by all means please give it to God. But what do you do when you just got up and the baby is screaming or your little one didn't quite make it to the potty in time and realizes it right in the middle of your devotion and prayer time?

I like having a specific time that I get up in the morning and pray, but being a Mommy doesn't always allow me to keep that appointment with my Lord. So I speak to Him all throughout the day; while I am at the kitchen sink washing lettuce, while I am in the laundry room loading the washing machine, While I am at the stove preparing dinner. While I am giving the little one a bath at night.

I make sure that I am always in my Word. Every day even if it is only 15 minutes, I spend time reading my Word. I love to listen to the word as well. You can listen to Alexander Scourby free on-line. He has a wonderful voice and really brings the Word to life.

I went through a period of time, where I was very easily agitated by the children and I realized that what was different about my day is that I wasn't spending any alone time in the Word. The children and I might have morning devotion or study something as a part of school for the day, but I wasn't spending that quality time (and yes 15 minutes can be quality time) every day.

It's as important as eating, and I think of it as food for my soul.


  1. The Alexander Scourby link is great, thanks!

  2. So true that the day always goes smoother when mom has her time alone with God. I too find myself talking to God throughout the day while do my work. I bookmarked the audio Bible site you mentioned. Thanks so much for sharing. :o)

  3. You are very welcome. I listen to it almost every day. Enjoy!


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