Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My furniture setup

Honey asked if I would post pictures of my furniture setup so here they are.

Here is an upclose picture of my bench that I purchased from Overstock.com

Below is a shot so you can see the picture that I hung above it.

Here is a shot that I took at an angle to you can see how the furniture is arranged. The bench is perpendicular to the couch.
And here is a closeup shot of the couch that I purchased from IKEA

This vase is in the corner where the bench and the sofa meet. I got it from Cato Fashions for $20!

I plan to put a nice area rug in front of the couch and I picked out a chair and ottoman that I will add as soon as I can pay cash for them. :-)


  1. That bench is just so nice! It's fun to get new furniture, I could use a few new pieces myself.

  2. It really is very nice Ann. And I got it for a nice price which makes it even nicer!

  3. You definitely know how to shop. Our teen just loves Ikea!

  4. I'm with Ann, I really like that bench. A bedroom set that we have our eye on(we will make a final decision tomorrow) had a nice bench just like that at the foot of the bed in the furniture showroom. Thanks for sharing. I know leather is so much easier to care for with children, than fabric.

  5. Hey, how are your new seedlings doing? Watering them? ;0)

  6. Thank you for posting this at my request! :) I feel honored. :) I really like it, and I didn't think of overstock.com for things like that! Seeing the visual was a big help. I noticed your cuppa mocha pic goes with your blog. Cute. :>

  7. Shereen,

    I'm ashamed to say that I never even planted the second batch. Maybe a Summer garden??


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