Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's the Best Advice You've Been Given?

Anne over at His Grace To Me wrote a post about great advice she had been given. At the end of the post, she asked us about the best advice we have been given.

One of the best pieces of advice I have been given came from someone who said "Find out who you are and love and embrace that person".

If you don't love yourself, it will be hard for others to love you.

Another good piece of advice that I have been given is "When you change, so does everyone around you". I have learned that I cannot change other people, but I can certainly change my behavior which then forces them to change the way that they deal with me. Pretty clever if you ask me. :-)

So what is the best piece of advice that you have been given?


  1. Don't speak negatively about your spouse to your family and friends. And than wonder why they don't like them.

  2. Excellent advice, Rona!! Thanks for sharing.


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