Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Swallows

We have Swallows building a nest near our front door. This is the third year that they have come. The first year, one set of swallows built a nest in the right hand corner. The next year, they returned and another family built a nest in the left hand corner. At the end of the second season, after all the babies left the nest, I knocked the next down. It had been a great experience, but I was tired of cleaning up bird poop and fearing being attacked every time I opened my front door; poor UPS man!

This year the birds have come back again and are working heartily on rebuilding the nest in the right hand corner.

Here is a pictureof how much they have accomplished:

And here is a picture of what it looked like before (this is the other corner that I knocked down)


  1. Oh nooooooo! This happened to us. We liked it at first, but then as you know the MESS! And they kept having more babies...who would hang out on our porch making trails of more MESS Ha ha!. Ours were lovebirds I believe.

    I found you by way of Shereen, and I would LOVE to see your sofa and bench set up. We have a tiny room and I like to see ideas for maximizing space and sitting area too. If you post a pic, will you let me know if you remember?

  2. This happened to us several years ago. The female bird didn't like us on the balcony. I decided she couldn't come back the following year.

    Our teen son would spray her with his water gun to keep her away. No more nesting.

  3. We have swallows that have taken up residence in our garage. It was a huge deal last year when my children found eggs in the nest!


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