Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mental Clutter

This Sabbath, while leading praise and worship, I forgot the words of the song I was singing. Now, for those of you who are afraid to speak in front of crowds, that may be perfectly understandable, but for me, someone who has been singing solos since the 4th grade when I sang the part of the interjection (another post for another day), to forget words is not a normal thing. Especially for a song that we sing ALL the time. The whole church knows it!

At any rate, the whole point is that the reason that I forgot the words is because of mental clutter. I don't have any scientific definitions of mental clutter, it's just a term I use to refer to your state of mind when your thoughts are jumbled, and you have mixed feeling about a variety of topics related to your life.

The interesting thing is that mental clutter and physical clutter are related. I looked around my house and realized that I have many years of clutter that I have collected. I still have papers from college. Why in the world do I still have papers from college?? What am I going to do with them. I still have bills from when I lived in California in 1999!

So , little by little, I am working on dealing with getting rid of the clutter. I am starting to feel better already and am ready to tackle life issues that I have avoided for quite sometime.

So please keep me in your prayers as I spring clean!


  1. I can soooo relate! We don't watch that much tv, but we are having a no tv week as part of my brain-clearing week. I need the quiet. I'm clearing clutter, saying no to too many commitments and just trying to make life a little simpler around her.

  2. Ann it is amazing how much not watching can clear your mind. I avoid television almost completely. I do however plan to watch the Scripps Spelling Bee tonight. :-)


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