Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Violin Recital

Jasmine's Violin recital was this past Friday. It was supposed to be held at the park, but was moved to a church because of the rain. I am actually glad that it was moved, because on Wednesday when we went to practice at the park, it was very hard to hear her playing. I'm sure part of the problem was that fact that there was a tractor off in the distance, but still the acoustics of playing outside are very different than being in a church building.

The violin recital began with a prayer from one of the Fathers. I love this group. Who goes to a violin recital that begins with prayer?

All of the children did a beautiful job. It's so nice to watch their progress over three years, and it is so nice to watch their personalities shine through as they perform on stage.

I tried to use my digital camera to record Jasmine's duet with her violin teacher,but the recording is very choppy. If I can get it fixed, I will post it for your viewing pleasure.

It really is quite amazaing to see how much she has grown in her playing. When she first started, if I was on the phone with my girlfriend when she was practicing my girlfriend would get off the phone. Now she actually brings people to the phone to listen. :-)


  1. We're praying that we can fit music lessons into our budget real soon. Fortunately, music lessons are important to grandma too, she has offered to chip in.

  2. How nice to have a grandma that chips in. :). I think every child should have the opportunity to take music lesson.


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