Sunday, June 17, 2007

Real Life Meeting of a Blog World Friend

This weekend at Campmeeting I had the pleasure of meeting Ann over a His Grace Unto Me. I was also able to meet two of her children.
I originally thought that I had missed my opportunity for us to meet. The games that I was participating in had been moved upstairs and the hour was getting later and later. Finally someone approached me and said "Hi, are you Yolanda"? I was ecstatic. It was Ann!

Ann I am so delighted to have met you in person and hope to see you again soon. Hopefully I'll be able to meet Butterbean and the HWH. :-)


  1. That is so neat that you and Ann were able to meet each other! :o) I can't wait to meet you all (You, Ann, Shereen, Penny, Mona....)someday. It probablly won't be on this old earth though. ;o)

  2. Lisa, be hopeful. I bet we can coordinate to meet in this life as well. :-)

  3. Yolanda, meeting you was just TOO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!! Say hello to your lovely family!

  4. Oh that is so nice that you were able to meet! I want to meet you both!! You know...Missouri is not that far from Texas...hmmmm. :)

    We are already scheming to get to Florida and back to the Northwest. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog...thought I'd return the favor by visiting you! :) That is neat that you were able to meet a blogging friend.

    I saw on your sidebar that you use Math-U-See...I was wondering if you can tell me about it. I'm thinking of switching from ABeka to it for my going into 6th grade daughter. I've got some questions though. So, if you have time...can we email about it?

  6. That's great to hear. Looks like you ladies had a terrific time!


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