Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Family Vacation

This week, I am visiting family in Pensacola, FL. Last night my Mom, two brothers, my husband and I went bowling at Liberty Lanes. They have this wonderful Monday night special. The cover charge is $6 which includes shoes and then each game bowled is $0.25. We bowled a total of 10 games and paid $32.50 including shoe rental!! Now that is a bargain and I almost forgot to mention that they are smoke free!

My brother Jason got a brand new ball and talked trash the whole week up to us coming. My Mother said that he was "armed, but not dangerous". LOL. I guess we spoke to soon, since in the first game he came in first place with a 165. I bowled a 135 and came in 4th! Guess that's what happens when you come from a family of bowlers. :-)

We won't discuss my second game in detail. I broke 100 (barely) ,LOL and came in dead last. We had a blast and I need to include Monday nights as a part of my vacation so we can get in on this wonderful deal. :-)

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