Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Not so Random Plane Meeting

On my plane ride to Atlanta last weekend, a young man named Philip sat next to me. I was reading the book "Managers of Their Chores" by Steve and Terri Maxwell when he asked me if I was was reading a text book for school. I told him that it was not for school for me, but that I homeschool my kids and as part of our homeschool year we are implementing a chore system. I went on to tell him how this book talks about chores from a spiritual point of view and that seemed to pique his interest.

Philip told me all about how he was homeschooled and how he and his siblings shared the responsibilities of chores around the house. It was an amazing conversation. We also talked about spiritual issues (Sabbath, The State of the Dead) and had a wonderful conversation as well.

Philip is an engineering student at Georgia Tech and I pray that he will do well in his studies and continue in his study for the things of God.

Best Wishes to you Philip!


  1. Those "not so random" meetings are so often the source of such wonderful blessings. I'm always energized by meetings like that.

  2. I just read "Passionate Prayer" by Brenda Walsh and she relates some of her 'Not so random plane meetings'. They are the best. :o)


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