Thursday, September 27, 2007


Yesterday, I went into my Pastor's office to copy cds. As I entered the office I was greeted with a strong smell. It was a nice smell, but a strong one nonetheless. I assumed it was from the cleaning products used in his office.

I proceed to make the cds which could not have taken me more than 15 or 20 minutes minus the time that I went out to my car to get a Sharpie marker and the times that I went to peek in on the children in the Adventurer meeting.

At the end of the Adventurer meeting, the director called all the Mom's forward to have a meeting and I could tell that something had irritated my sinuses. I had no clue that it was the smell from the office as of yet.

I get home an hour later and now I can't breathe through my nose! It is completely congested. All night long I sneeze and have drainage. And all this from 15 minutes in an office?? Wow talk about sensitivities to smell.

At any rate it is the second day and the roll of tissue is still sitting next to me. :-)

I am praying that I will feel better tomorrow.

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  1. Perhaps you are allergic to whatever the smell was. Hope you feel better soon!


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