Thursday, September 20, 2007

Enjoying Keeping Your Children's Hearts

Question: How are you enjoying keeping your children's hearts?

Answer: I am absolutely loving it. It's all information that makes sense and that just needs to be read or heard so that it can be implemented on a daily basis. As homeschool Moms we often believe that if we are in the house, then we are at home with our children. But if the whole day is filled with activities that don't really include our children, then how will we capture their hearts?

It's so true that relationships are pretty much the same. If you do not spend time together, your relationship will not flourish. Time together in the house under the same roof is not a substitute for quality time or quantity time.

So because of this book, I have made a concerted effort to answer my phone less and to make sure that I am an active part of my children's lives in all that they do. The adjustments in attitudes have been amazing.

And the best part about the book for me has been comparing the growing and flourishing of relationships with my relationship with Christ. How will He have my heart if I do not spend time with Him?

I want to have the hearts of my children, but more importantly I want Christ to have the hearts of my children. As the children are knitted to Christ and I am knitted to Christ then will we all be knitted more closely together as a family. How beautiful.

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  1. What wonderful insights! I am learning to leave the phone alone during the day as well. The Lord is opening my eyes more clearly to the needs of my children- what a blessing.


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