Monday, October 29, 2007

National Bible Bowl Competition

This past weekend the BAYDA (Black Adventist Youth Directors Association) National Bible Bowl Competition was held in Boston Massachusetts on the campus of the University of Massachusetts at Boston.

The games were lovely and so was the campus. The teams from my church arrived on Thursday afternoon and the games began on Friday evening.. All teams play one game We won our first game on Friday night. The competition is double elimination so no one is eliminated on the first day.

On Sabbath morning we had Sabbath School and then for the 11 am service Pastor Trevor Baker, the founder of this Bible Bowl, was the speaker of the hour. Pastor Baker's sermon was powerful! He spoke of the story in Luke chapter 2 beginning at verse 42 where Joseph and Mary leave Jesus behind in the temple.

The theme of his sermon was that often times, like Joseph and Mary, we travel through life assuming that Jesus is with us when in fact he is not. Joseph and Mary look for Jesus among their family and friends and much to their disappointment, they did have Jesus or know where to find Him.

And where Jesus? In the temple, right where they left Him. Jesus never leaves us, we leave Him. And if we want to find Him all we have to do is figure out where we left Him and return.

Saturday afternoon the games began again and we won our next game. We lost the next two games and so we were then eliminated coming in 4th place overall. We lost our 4th game and 3rd place by 40 points, but we are not disappointed. We are excited to get studying for next year.

Next year's games will be held in home conference in Dallas Texas!

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  1. Sounds like it was a pretty fun trip. It's nice that you won't have to travel as far for the next national competition!


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