Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beginning Sewing with Jasmine

I ordered the book "Stitches & Pins" by Joann Gagnon and Corrie Gagnon. It includes 14 projects. Each project increases in difficulty and adds new skills. At the end of the book, the sewer should have enough skills to make a Raggedy Ann doll. Jasmine is interested in making a Raggedy Alexandria doll. She changed the name because she wants her doll to have a brown face. :-)

I will post the projects as we go through them.

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  1. There are so many of your posts that I want to respond to, but I am short on time. Please keep us updated on how this goes. I know I started one with Kayla, and the book had her sewing on looseleaf. She was to follow the lines on the paper, with no thread in the needle. She was pretty much just poking holes in the paper, but it was helping her to learn control of the machine.


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