Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fender Bender

Friday afternoon I went out to buy some last minute gifts. I needed to get a sewing box to hold all the sewing supplies I bought for my daughter. First I went to Hobby Lobby. They did not have even one box to choose from. I guess sewing boxes are a popular Christmas box. I bought all the supplies from Walmart so I had already checked there. I thought that I may as well head to the nearest Joann's Fabric store, but of course I'm not really sure where the nearest one is so I call my girlfriend and have her look it up. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing?
I'm traveling along Interstate 35. I get off onto the access road. I'm slowing down to make a right hand turn and looking to my left for oncoming traffic, when BOOM and F-150 truck slams right into the back of my Honda Accord. My head, My head is all I can say as my head is aching terribly. I motioned the driver to pull over into the Garden Ridge parking lot and get out of the way of more traffic.

I called 911 and request a police officer to the scene. I was pleasantly surprised that it only took him about 15 minutes to show up. While I waited for the police officer, the lady that hit me kept insisting that I give her my personal information and my insurance information. "Ma'am if you don't mind, I'd like to wait for the police to get here and let him do his job." She went on and on about how they probably won't give her my information and how if they do they will make her pay for it. Ummm, never heard of that but OK if hey don't give it to you, I'll be more than happy to exchange the information then.

The damage to my car was not too bad. The back end of my car was shifted forward and so they will have to replace the back bumper and possible the side panel. My trunk won't close. The lady that hit me was kind enough to give me a bungee cord to keep it closed. After the accident I had to go home and drop off all the presents I had in the trunk so they wouldn't get stolen and every time I go over a speed bump or a railroad track my trunk sounds like it's going to disconnect from my car. LOL.

I went in this morning to get an estimate done and they say it looks like $2,000 worth of damage. Praise the Lord for car insurance! The lady's insurance is taking care of everything. I can expect all of the repairs to take about 9 days. So we'll be riding around town courtesy of Enterprise Rent-a-Car in the meantime.

I guess this would be a good time to get my front windshield (that has about 3 cracks in it) replaced. :-)

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  1. I'm glad you are okay!! Be sure to stretch often and drink extra water to keep any potential pain to a minimum. Praise God for traveling mercies!


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