Thursday, January 3, 2008

And Like a Good Neighbor...

My next door neighbor called me today asking if I would come and help him by giving him a jump. He was driving his wife's car and the batter was dead. "Of course I will help you",I'll be out in a few minutes, was my response.

It was cold outside and so I put on my boots and my jacket, grabbed my keys and headed to the garage. I sat down in the car, put the keys in the ignition, and when I turned the keys all I got was click click click click click.

After my accident my trunk would not close and because of that, the light in the trunk would not go off which I'm sure is the source of my now dead battery.

My neighbor's wife came home as we were discovering that I was going to be no help to him. Now I need to work on getting my battery charged...

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  1. You know, at least you were willing to serve your neighbor. Hopefully the goodness will come back around to you. Happy Birthday to your brothers and how exciting for your son's first tooth (and so funny about his comment). My daughter lost her first tooth when she was three. She was having a tantrum and threw herself against my knee when I was sitting down. It was super-loose and bleeding and she kept pulling on it (because it hurt), and then it fell out. She thinks it will never grow back in. Now my son, who's almost 6, keeps asking when he will lose a tooth. They've only recently become acquainted with the stories of the tooth fairy through books. I'm still deciding on if I want them to believe or not.


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