Saturday, January 5, 2008

Computer Problems

I had an issue with my computer AC adapter where it wouldn't always keep a good connection and sometimes without notice my computer would just shut down because the battery had been drained. I fidgeted with it until I just couldn't take it any more and finally I called tech support to have it fixed. They sent a technician out a couple of days later who replaced the mother board and the AC adapter. So voila my power was good again.

Well wouldn't you know it, a couple of days later I was trying to listen to something and my sound wouldn't work! I tell ya, I can't seem to win with this computer for all the losing. Good thing I bought the extended warranty (which I HIGHLY recommend). I have had this computer since April of 06 and so far I have had to replace the Hard drive, DVD burner, AC adapter, and speakers.

Seems like it would be easier and cheaper to just give me a new computer. I prayed for more patience a while back. Never in my wildest dreams did I think God would use my computer to teach it to me! He certainly does work in mysterious ways. :-)

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  1. I can relate, I've had two, yes two computers struck by lightning! Needless to say, I have lightning coverage on my extended warranty for this computer!


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