Monday, January 14, 2008

The Maxwell Family

On Tuesday of last week we went to a homeschool meeting held by Steven and Teri Maxwell. One of the older daughters held a meeting for young women and an older son held a meeting for young men.

I have read Mangers of Their Homes, Managers of Their Chores, Keeping Our Children's Hearts and am currently reading Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit. I recommend all of the books and also recommend attending the meeting if they come near you. I drove an hour and a half to see them and it was well worth it.

It was nice to see a family who is actually living what they preach. All of the children had a part to play. They were responsible for the sale of the books. They answered questions. Each one of them had a pleasant countenance.

Teri was candid and transparent in her presentation to the Moms. She shared her failures. She shared her successes. She gave God the glory.

They talked of how they do not have a television in the home. I am not here to bash t.v., but what I have noticed is that the families who live wholeheartedly for God either do not have one or watch it very sparingly. I still have images in my mind of things I saw on t.v. when I was as young as seven or eight years old.

I have seriously considered getting rid of my television. I could get a portable DVD player for the DVDs we have (Jasmine uses Math U SEE and it has DVDS and I have some spiritual DVDS that are wonderful), I'm not sure what in the world we will do with all the Veggie Tale Videos we have! The truth is that God is impressing me to get rid of those as well.

Do you watch television? What do you watch? Why do you watch it? Would you watch those things if Jesus were sitting on the couch with you?
At the end of the meeting, the family played a few songs. What was most interesting is that none of the children have had lessons for the instrument they played.


  1. I'm inspired. I've been interested in the Maxwells since you first blogged about them, so I will look for some of the Maxwell books to read.

    Concerning TV, it's on it's way out at our house, at least regular TV programming is. We don't have cable, so we can only get 1.5 channels, but there's nothing we can watch, even the news must be censored if the kids are in the room. We do have DVDs that we enjoy and we do have the
    3ABN satellite dish and the 5 channels that it provides, and we are finding that is enough.

    We gave up TV completely about 8 years ago, but started watching again after 9/11.

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