Thursday, January 10, 2008

Homeschool/Daily Routine Update

Today was our first day back to school since the Christmas break. I spent a lot of time putting together a schedule for us that we never seemed to really follow. I found out that the major problem was that I let the children sleep until they got up on their own.

What I noticed is that they had no incentive to go to bed at night. They weren't all that tired since they hadn't gotten up too early. So last night I told them when it was time for bed and assured them that even if they didn't go to bed on time that they would still have to get up at 7:00.

Sure enough it was 10:00 p.m and my daughter was reading a book in the bed with no intentions of going to sleep anytime soon. My son was not even in the bed. He says he was waiting for me. Apparently he came to see me around 8 and I told him I would be there in a minute. At 10 he was still waiting for me to come. What a great excuse to not go to bed, right? :-)

So this morning came and at 7am sharp I woke them up by singing Rise, Shine and Give God the Glory. I'm not too sure just how shining they were doing or how much glory they were giving, but they did rise . And so far we are off to a good start.

We started Lesson 3 today which is centered around the character quality of alertness. The first part of the lesson, which is on health, covers the heart. We learned about the physical heart and the spiritual heart and just like the physical heart is protected by the rib cage, we must protect our spiritual heart or possibly suffer death.

The children listened intently and even asked questions. Looks like we are off to a good start.

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  1. We are struggling with getting our daily routine, mainly for the same reason. The children love to have Daddy read to them at night, and lately he's been getting home late, and bedtime gets later and later and ....

    I worked out a great new schedule that lasted only one day because we were too sick on the second day to get up and follow it! So between illness and late bedtimes, we've got lots overcome, but Lord willing, we will do it!


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