Thursday, January 10, 2008

Update on Car Repairs

When I originally took my car in to have the estimate done, I was told that they could not begin repairs until the 28th of this month. I was not pleased with that answer and so I called the insurance company back and asked if they could recommend someone else.

The referred me to a Ford dealership and the manager there said he could take me the next day. So I called and set up the rental car arrangement and took my car in on Tuesday. Originally they told me that since I drive a Honda Accord, they would give me an intermediate car. When I got to the rental car office, they offered me a Ford Focus or a PT Cruiser, neither of which is an intermediate sized car. The kids LOVED the PT Cruiser so much that we settled for it. It's not as spacious inside as my accord, but they don't seem to mind. :-)

The manager from the Ford dealership called to say that the estimate had doubled from $2,000 to now $4,000 and possibly more. I figured as much. My whole trunk shifted forward so I knew that there had to be some internal damage that wouldn't be seen until the car was taken apart. He estimates that the car will be done in 3 weeks which puts me at right about the date the other guy wanted to start. God is good!!

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