Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Error Bonus

As a part of my job, we are required to fill out progress reports for each student that we tutor. If the report is not filled out then our time sheet will not be processed. The pay period before this last one, I had a report that had not been filled out and so when it was time for paychecks, I did not get paid. I went ahead and filled out my report, thinking that I would have to wait until the next pay period to receive my pay.

My girlfriend asked to borrow some money and when I went into my account I surprised by the amount of money there. I did a little investigating and found that not only had I been paid before the next pay day, my paycheck had come through twice.

I figured that since it was not payday that they would just catch the mistake and then adjust my next paycheck accordingly. Well they didn't. The next Friday came and I received my full paycheck as normal. I contacted my supervisor to make her aware of the error and to see what I needed to do to have it corrected.

To my surprise she told me to keep the money as a bonus! Wow! I will use the extra money to purchase a laptop for my mom to replace the one that was stolen.

God is good ALL the time!!


  1. wow, conqrats on your unexpected bonus. I know you deserved it. Isn't it funny how God works. I bet you couldnot have worked it out to happen this way, even in your dreams.
    I love our God!!!


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